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Updated: May 22, 2018

Football (or American Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. It is a simple team game, but its hard to play simple. Involve a lot of aerobic exercises, long running and it is tactic game too.

Football is about teamwork. Play for the badge on the front of the shirt and they remember the name on the back. The glory, the pain, the practices with your team mates. Its about how a team becomes family.

Football is about faith in miracles. How single player can score 32 goals in 38 games :) Football is about overcoming obstacles. Good example of it is Jamie Vardy who always loves football and as a 16 years old kid was told to not be good enough as a professional but he tried his best and he used to play in Stockbridge Park. He earned less than 30 pounds a week, despite of this he felt blessed to be in a team of football. Have a look him now - he is one of the best English strikers in a whole League!

Football is passion. It’s magic! Its about the great feeling when your team wins the match.

Football is a bond that brings the world together. Its how people from different parts of world becomes best pals after realising that they support the same team.

Football is practising in rain as well as pain, grief, losing and breaking but its great cause its overcoming them.

To play it you only need a ball and a 2 goal posts, which means you can get a casual game going almost anywhere: in the park, front yard of your house, street, school etc. You can play in any age, ability or gender.

If you are looking to join the team in Merseyside please click here for more details.

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