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Cadet Academy

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

TeamSport Karting (Liverpool), North Harrington Building, 182 Sefton Street, Liverpool L3

Fully trained TeamSport Crew Members who are themselves competent and experienced drivers. These fully trained instructors will get to know your kids, their driving capabilities and the best way to teach them! At Liverpool, our instructors are Andy and Cecil.

Driver’s Licences – when each driver joins the Cadet Academy they are given a licence to track their progress and development through the skills and stages.

#GRID Style Member Events for Cadet and Junior karters – Advanced level drivers will be able to continue to grow their skill level as well as compete in # GRID Member style formats (normally only available to our members over the age of 16).

Universal Training Program – Cadet or Junior karters will be able to move between any TeamSport track at any point in their training program and continue training at their current level.

Things to remember: To book all you need to do is remember what classification of licence they hold and whether they drive a Cadet or Adult kart.

Cadet / Junior Academy sessions are announced well in advance and you will be able to book those sessions depending on the licence held by your budding racing drivers.

Cadet Drivers: 8 - 12 year old's Junior Drivers: 13 - 16 year old's.

Licence Level (Ability)

Beginner [Non-Members & Members]: For drivers with little or no experience ~ all Cadets and Juniors start their journey to the top with TeamSport here.

Intermediate [Members Only]: For drivers who have shown that they are comfortable with the basics of kart control (passed their Beginner Classification).

Advanced [Members Only]: For drivers that are ready to take the next step in racing karts.

We look forward to seeing your future karting champion out on grid soon whilst you cheer them on from the comfort of our spectator area and Fuel Bar.

Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

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